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Let’s talk about gear for a bit.

This winter I stepped up my game and got some real winter running gear, and boy have I been happy.  Not only have these purchases enabled me to get outside and run, but they work for skiing too!

So what did I get?   Brooks running pants, Nike jacket and two Nike fleece tops.  The really great thing is that I got all of these items on sale, or at the Nike outlet.  I’m never one for paying full price, and as the winter wore on and the economy went down, I knew I’d find sales.  So I went from wearing my Dad’s old running pants and a ratty old fleece top to looking sleek as I run through Central Park, sweet.

So how about Tri Gear?  God, it feels too cold out to even be talking about it!  But I am not sleek with my Tri gear.  I wear my sportsbra under my bathing suit and then slip on padded shorts and a top for the bike and run.  I don’t have clipless shoes, although I might start looking in to them.  I inherited my Dad’s bike, so that’s helped with the gear.

The one thing I really need help with are my googles.  I hate them.  They pinch my nose too much and leave me with deep red marks around my eyes.  I need to find a pair that really work for me, any help is welcome!

Other than that, I’m happy to have semi lame Tri gear for now, maybe I’ll look in to a new pair bike shorts, but other than that my black speedo suits me fine!

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  1. libbith permalink
    02/06/2009 8:48 pm

    At Paragon you can try the goggles on before you buy them. I just recently got new ones there, but I have a fairly high tolerance for goggles after years of swim team.

  2. akbarnard permalink*
    02/06/2009 9:14 pm

    Nice! I will definitely have to check them out there! Thanks!

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