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Just Doing It


There are those nights when you just don’t want to get to the gym, or those early mornings when your alarm goes off and it is still dark out.

On Monday I was all about working out after work, but then I left a little late so I got home a litte later and my legs were sore and it just didn’t happen.

On Tuesday I set my alarm to run in the morning, but when it went off I realized it was too dark to run in the park by myself (I just wouldn’t feel safe having never done it/knowing how many people would also be in the park) and I figured I’d be moving a lot at work with some reorganizing that was going on.

On Thursday I was tired from a late night and wanted to cook, not go to the gym and get home late and throw something together.

That brings us to Friday.  I got home from work and really wanted to go to the gym, but I didn’t want to swim, bike or run.  That leaves the elliptical.

There was a long period of time when elliptical was all I did, at first it was fantastic and then I started to realize that I was really getting the best work out I could.  There are some elliptical machines that I think do you better than others, but overall, and this may be snobby, but I just don’t think they give you the best total body workout.

Last year as I shifted to just running, biking and swimming the changes I saw were fantastic and it made me even more sure that elliptical just isn’t where its at, especially for training.

All that said, when you don’t feel like getting your butt to the gym and letting yourself “just” do elliptical gets you there, why not do it.

Tonight I went and used the elliptical machine that isn’t on a track so you are moving your legs/feet freely on the pedals and getting a bit more of a stride.  It felt a little like XC Skiing which was great.

It isn’t a work out you should do 7 days a week, but if it gets your heart pumping and your body moving it is something.

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