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I left work early today so I could make the 6:30 sping class, I just can’t get myself to the 7:30 class it makes it such a late night for me with getting back, showering and cooking.  Anyway, I’m so glad I did.  On Tuesday nights and Thursday mornings Iona teaches spin at the NYSC on 91st and 3rd and she is fantastic.  She is one of the original spinners and really really knows her shit, pardon my language.  I don’t just get a good workout, I get advice and reminders on form, I get heart rate training, and I get a real bike workout, not just something that increases my heart rate.  What do I mean by that?  Her spin classes is the closest I get to an actual bike ride.

It is hard to not get to have outdoor rides while you’re training, and this year it may be harder still since I probably won’t be going home as often as I did last summer.  I’m going to commit myself to get to Iona’s classes twice a week to stay in the shape I need to compete on a road bike.

Anyway- for anyone who is exploring training for the first time and wants an alternative to outdoor rides, whether they need it because they don’t have a bike or they are feeling stale on the bike outside, I highly suggest spinning.  If you can find an instructor that isn’t all about yelling, jumping and sprinting it makes a huge difference, even if that’s what you find Spinning is a great work out on a bike that feels most like a road bike.  This might take some work, but it is worth it- take a bunch of classes and a good one can be found.

All that said, I think it is time for new bike shorts- any suggestions?  I’m looking for budget friendly if I can.

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