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I’ve heard many different takes on whether to work out when you’re feeling under the weather.  Obviously if you are really sick, you shouldn’t work out, you probably won’t be able to work out.

However, when you feel the beginnings of something coming on, should you work out?  I’ve heard often that you should do something, pump up your immune system kick the cold out, or whatever, out sooner.  However, I’ve also heard from exercise professionals (whatever that means) that if you are feeling under the weather you should stay out of the gym, out of your running shoes, etc.

So I kind of tested the theory this week.  On Friday I knew a cold was about to hit, if hadn’t already hit and I still went to the gym after work, and then walked about 15 minutes to a restaurant for dinner.  It didn’t prevent me from getting sick though, I woke up the next morning with a full on cold.  I walked around the city on Saturday and went and did laundry today, so I haven’t been forced to lay on the couch, but I’m definitely low energy and could not have gotten on a spin bike or run through the park.

I guess we’ll see how quickly this sucker runs its course, and maybe my work out on Friday will help kick it out sooner rather than later, but still the question remains- should you or shouldn’t you and does it really make a difference?


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  1. Sadie permalink
    02/25/2009 6:41 pm

    That is usually a tough call. At the beginning of a sickness, I think rest is the most important thing. Then when it is starting to clear, I find getting out and exercising helps kick that lingering cold or flu. Often a good run will help clear out what’s left in the sinuses. I also found taking a few vitamin C pills when you feel a cold coming on, seems to work for me. I’m not sure if that is just some placebo affect though. Also as soon as I feel the hint of a sore throat I gargle many times, deep in my throat with listerine. It worked really well when I was pregnant and didn’t want to catch anything. I guess those aren’t really exercise related tips, but seeing as you seem to be getting sick a lot lately, they might help you out and get you back to training.
    I have noticed that swimming is one that I tend to always skip when I’m feeling sick. It just seems the last thing I want to do when I’m under the weather. Hope you get better soon (oh, and make sure you are eating enough protein. I have noticed I have a harder time staying healthy when training if I don’t eat enough. That usually is a key component in how well my training progresses.)

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