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Jumping Back In


I finally got back in the pool last week with my new goggles.  It felt great.  I was swimming with two men in one lane, so my competitive nature kicked in and I swam hard and fast for about 20 minutes.  5 minutes was spent cooling down and about 3-5 was spent fixing/adjusting/adjusting to my new goggles.  I wore them too tightly for a a few laps which left some soreness, but overall I finally figured out the best fit and I’m so excited to have goggles that don’t leave me with headaches and pain!

The downside was I couldn’t find my bathing suit so I wore an old one I hadn’t worn in ages, now if you know bathing suits you know they fade and stretch just sitting in your closet.  I had forgotten this and when I got out of the pool the butt of the suit was about down to the back of my knees and it was probably completely transparent.  Embarassing!

I immediately went out and bought a new suit after tearing up my bedroom.  Then yesterday, when grabbing a tote bag from work I discovered a bag all packed for the pool including my good suit.  Oh well- now I have two, which is probably good since I’m planning to be swimming a lot more.

Sorry Matt, that chlorine smell isn’t going anywhere!

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