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Firstly, I am feeling guilty for not posting in over a week, but I need to let it go.  This blog was created to track my training and my training started today!  Of course, I didn’t work out today- but we’ll get to that.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a special event (free makes it even more special) at the East 66th location of Lululemon Athletica.  I love Lululemon’s clothing and the vibe they have going on in general with their store and what they put out in to the community.  They offer free yoga every Sunday, have lots of different events and encourage people to reach within themselves and live more fully.  Check em out:

The event I attended was Yoga for Triatheletes and Runners.  A Dr. spoke for about 30 minutes beforehand about the most common injuries he sees, gave some quick prevention tips which summed is, build muscle, build strength, don’t just go out there and do something you’re body isn’t ready for.  Then we had a great yoga class for athletes- which means typical Yoga stretching and poses, and a lot of hard, fast movements to build muscle, flexibility and endurance.  Wow.  I was sweating, a lot, like dripping sweat on my mat.  It was awesome.  This was the second yoga class I took and the first one with a live teacher (I tried out my first on  I’m hooked.

I called Pure Yoga today, the Yoga teacher last night works there, and I’m going to check out a class tomorrow and probably join!  I’m completely sold on what a great counterpart it will be to my training.  But this means, I am going to have to commit to early morning work outs so I can fit Yoga in too.  Or I’m going to have to run one less day, or bike one less day (I can’t swim one less day since it is my weakest sport) and do Yoga instead.  Which I can do too.

So, all that said since I did my first Yoga class last night and had other plans today my training officially starts tomorrow- and I”m going to try and fit in a spin class and a yoga class.  Woah!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Christine permalink
    03/31/2009 1:48 pm

    Yoga has been such a great complement to my training program (I’m a marathon runner). I just don’t think my body could handle it without yoga.

    I will say, before joining a studio, check out the other’s in the area. On the UES you’ll find New York Yoga (my personal fave), Bikram Yoga, Yogaworks, Jivamukti, etc. There are so many options. It took me a while to find my ‘yoga home’ but now that I have, I’m so happy that I didn’t go with my first choice (which was using the yoga at my gym – Equinox). Best of luck! Sounds like you’re on the right track to taking care of your body.

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