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Green Lighted


I’m in gear.  I felt it today, my mind set has changed and I’m ready to really start the training.

I had a great run on Saturday in NH.  Monday I did a slow flow yoga class which was great, and I will definitely be heading back Monday’s in general.  Today I was off work because of the lingering stomach virus (I am proud that I finally took my advice and took a sick day because I was sick!) I started to feel better after lunch so I signed up for a 4:30 Ashtanga class and for the 6:30 spin class at the gym.  Wow.  Ashtanga was fantastic, I loved the flow of the movements and the stretching afterwards really really pushed me, which I need.  I came home, changed and headed right to spin.  We did intervals which was great, I was ready for a hard class.  It felt great.  I really got to see how fit I’ve become over the last couple of weeks, and I really believe Yoga has helped me get to that level.

I just edited my training schedule to focus a bit more on swimming and added Yoga in when I’d ideally like to do it.  I won’t be able to get a swim in this week, but I will get some more spinning in and this weekend we’re back in NH again so it will be running and biking for me.

I’ll add a page to the blog with my schedule so people can check it out!

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