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Is Yoga all I do?


So, on Saturday I did make it to a Yoga class at Pure- I decided to try out a Hot Vinyasa flow class- figuring it would be cleansing and not too challenging.  I was way wrong, it was way challenging.  Wow.  I haven’t pushed my body that hard in a long time.  The instructur, Marcos Roja, was great.  He came over and helped me with a couple of stretches and in general was really pushing people in the room to get further, and hold longer.  I’m still a little sore in places!  I’m so glad I went, although early on in the class I was thinking- what am I doing!

After that and a hard spin on Saturday morning I completely passed out Saturday night, and it felt good!

Last night I went to my usual Monday night class with Kay Kay.  I love her general demeanor and the movement in the class.  I felt myself reaching more and getting further in my practice, it felt great.  Her assistant is so helpful and as I get better I find she’s helping me get there, which I really appreciate.

But Yoga isn’t all I do, although lately it feels like it!  Tonight is my Tuesday night Spin, which I so look forward to.  Wednesday I’m going to walk with a friend after work, and Thursday I’ll get a run and a swim in.  Friday morning is back to Hot Power Yoga and then I have a visitor for the weekend, so I won’t get as much working out in.

I can’t believe the first Tri is in two weeks!

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