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The First One


The first Tri of the season was on Sunday!  it was wet and wild- here’s the breakdown:

Swim- 10 lengths of a pool- It felt really long, and I was pushing myself- but letting myself breathe before each turn since there was no one behind me clamoring to pass.  When I got out, my friend who hadn’t swum yet said I was in there for less than 5 minutes, so I guess it just felt long since I haven’t been swimming as much as I should be.

Bike- Wet, wet, wet.  Rain spitting in my face, hitting me from all angles.  This course was different from the year before, and it was hilly, much more hilly than previously.  I struggled a bit on the up hills, finding my groove and the right gear.  I think I could have pushed harder, but it went by fairly quickly.

Run- I struggled.  I had a bad cramp at the beginning and I let myself walk, I had to, to get rid of the cramp.  I focused on deep breaths as I started running again so as to keep the cramp at bay, and it did and then faded.  I didn’t find my legs until about 2 miles in, and then I hit my stride and felt great.  I sprinted it out the last .5 and passed the woman I had been eyeing.

Overall- I finished in 1:16:38 or something.  Last year I did 1:13 but that was with a longer bike on a flatter course and a shorter run.  Excuses much?  I was a little dissapointed.  I wanted to win my age group.  I can push for it next year though!

It felt great to get my first Tri in, but also really woke me up to the fact that I haven’t been focused on serious training, and I need to.  I think I have to revist the schedule and maybe revise it a bit since clearly I’ve not been following it.

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