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Let’s finish out the week, shall we?


As a follow up to my previous post, last week was a good one.  My training schedule is now sitting in front of me on my desk and I can’t help but look down and see what I should be doing.

Thursday I headed to spinning again, I love that my favorite spin instructor does 2 classes a week because it really gets me to the gym and I feel I’m getting a better than usual Spin workout.  This Thursday there was a sub.  It turned out to be a good class overall, she does strength building intervals, but her yelling and subtle hints to not liking Iona’s style of teaching annoyed me.  Oh well.  I had started my BluePrint Cleanse on Thursday so it was great to get to test out what they say, that it really gives you more energy and drive.  This was definitely true.  It was a tough class and I pushed myself in just the right way to get the most out of it.

Friday was a lovely evening and perfect for a run after work.  I couldn’t believe I wanted to still work out after a long day, a hard week and juicing- but I did!  We did our usual 3 mile run down the East Side Drive up through the Mall and back up the East Side Drive.  The Mall is gorgeous right now, absolutely gorgeous.  All the rain we’ve gotten has done wonders for our greenery.  The run actually didn’t feel great.  My legs felt stiff and heavy, but I pushed on and did some extra stretching after.

Saturday I met up with a friend from my previous job for a run around the park.  We’re both doing the Mini 10K on Sunday and she wanted to tackle the park before she does it via the race.  We set out on the lovely, and hot, Saturday morning.  After the first major Harlem Hill as we were nearing the UWS rolling hills she had to stop and walk until we got some water.  No problem for me, there’s not hing wrong with stopping when you need to!  Throughout the rest of our run she would stop a bit to walk, and I pushed her at the end to finish out the run, which was great.  Although I of course would have preferred to run the whole park, I was happy to walk when she needed to, I’ve certainly been there.  We decided to meet up this Thursday and do 5 miles together, I want to make sure she’s prepared for race day.  Although there is nothing that can prepare you for the adrenaline rush, it is good to have your body up to it.

Later on Saturday I headed back to Marco’s Hot Flow Class at Pure Yoga.  Boy that class is hard, but great.  I felt great after, lean and stretched and exhausted!

Sunday, I wasn’t sore, which I was very happy about.  I’m getting there!  Sunday, I also took off.  I think it was well deserved!

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