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Here comes June


I had kind of a lazy week, which I’m not that surprised about given how much I pushed myself the week before. It happens, I got angry at myself- was going to write a blog about being mad at myself, but then a friend told me on Thursday after we did a 5 mile run that I was crazy, so I forgot about it.

Anyway- I didn’t get to do any Yoga this week, which I”m upset about- not only am I paying a hefty fee to be a member of this studio, but I feel so great after a good class, and I feel so much progress that I want to keep it up.  I don’t want to go back this week and feel that I’ve regressed without the needed pushes.

Anyway, I got in 2 bikes and 2 runs including my first 10K.  It felt good to check another race off my list.  It was a fun race, the NYRR Mini 10K.  They created it in the 70’s and it was the first female only race.  Can you believe it, the 70’s?  Woman just weren’t running then, they told us.  I can’t believe it.  It felt great to run with all women, but boy was it crowded.  And hot.  So hot.  I thought the heat was really going to get to me, but then they had a hose going for us at the boat house, god that helped.  I can’t believe it ended with a hill, as the marathon does.  Oy!

We’ll see how next week goes, I’m preparing myself now given I have plans the first 3 nights of the week.  I’ve really got to get myself up early to work out, any suggestions?  I know, just start doing it and it will become a habit- it is the starting that’s hard!

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