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Lake Swimming


So, as probably mentioned previously- I have a tough time getting myself in to the pool.  I hate smelling like chlorine after, my I am still struggling with my goggles and usually when I want to swim there is only one lane open because of a water aerobics class.

Now lake swimming I can usually get in to, although I have a fear of what is underneath me.  When I’m in the lake, I can go goggleless if I want, and I have a whole lake to myself, usually.  However, the best thing is having someone else push me to get in to the lake or the pool, which right now I don’t have.

So last night when I got home and at 6:15 my Mom said, wanna go for a swim?  I looked outside at the cloudy sky that was spitting rain and said, “Sure,” with a shrug of my shoulders.  I put on a wet suit that was too big for me and hopped in the car.

We set out, and it was freezing.  I was shivering for the first few minutes and then the water in my suit warmed up and I was good to go.  I tried to do crawl a couple of times, but too much water in my nose and ear made me stick to breast- which is good actually because I’m developing quite the strong breast stroke.

Anyway, we did a 1/2 hour swim, more or less, and it felt great.  Do I feel a little crazy for swimming in what was probably 58 degree water?  Yes, but I also feel hardcore and excited at the prospect of swimming again this week.

Another exciting prospect?  My Husband is interested in doing another Tri, whcih means he really needs to get in the pool- which means 2 people need to get in the pool, which let’s hope means we’ll be getting in it together!

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