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Ah Whoops


I did so much my week home in NH and I kept wanting to blog about all the great training, and I just didn’t get around to it- so here is a quick synopsis:

Short Bikes and Long Bikes, I love biking outdoors, and the rolling hills near us are perfect training ground.  There is this one really, I mean really, long hill we ride to in Pittsfield that is so rewarding to come down.  I love downhills.  Actually, there are two of those rewarding downhills on that ride, maybe it is why I love it so much.

Fun runs, short and long and through the woods and along busy roads.  I love running outdoors too, but we alreayd know that, right?  Treadmills suck!  For me anyway.

Oh the swimming, god it felt good to be in fresh water and not chlorine.  I got to get myself to the pool though.  Sigh.  In good news I think the battle of the goggles is over.

So, the last week- I was met with a new job and just letting myself get used to my new schedule- so I got in a few runs during the week, but that was about it.  One run was a morning one, and I was really proud of myself for getting my booty up and out.  It felt great to be in the park that early, it wasn’t even that early.  The air felt good, there was a sense of peacefullness and all in all it was a great way to start my day.

The weekend was better.  Saturday we did the Pride 5 Mile race in the park and I set a new PB- I finished in 40:42 at an 8:04 pace.  I couldn’t believe how fast I was running.  Each mile marker I thought, really another 8 minute mile?  It rocked.  I rocked!

Sunday, I looked at my training schedule (Finally!) and I saw I needed to do a 70 minute ride, so I left early (Needed to to ensure I got a good bike anyway) and spun away for 25 minutes at the beginning of class.  My legs were tired, and I almost thought I couldn’t make it through the class (she worked us HARD) but I did and I was happy with it.

Today, obviously I didn’t get up and swim like I was supposed to, but I did get myself back to Yoga at Pure Yoga which I was hoping to do.  I did it once on my own in NH and when I decided I was done only a 1/2 hour had gone by, whoops.  I need the guided instruction still, and I need to keep up the attendance at the Slow Flow class with Kay Kay.  She is a great leader and I always feel fantastic when I leave.  I found my body going as deep as I had when I was last at Yoga, so that was reassuring.  Let’s keep it up though- there’s a reason for my speedy race, my hips are open!

Here’s to a great week ahead!

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  1. 06/30/2009 11:23 am

    Congrats on an awesome run on Sunday! That’s fantastic!!

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