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The Long Ones


Now that I’m a month or so out, the long weekend work outs are here, and they’re here to stay.  This weekend was a 90 minute bike and 60 minute run.  I ended up doing the 10:30 spin class and then staying on the bike for 45 more minutes after.  Thank God I didn’t drag my tired butt to the 9:30 class, because the usual instructor is out for the month of July and her replacement is crazy instructor (You love her or you hate her, and I haven’t decided which I am yet…) she is bubbly, and bouncy and tells you to, “GO GO GO”.  She must have really been “on” on Saturday because there was not one full minute where we were just peddling normally up our hill, we were sprinting- either in seated position, or 3rd position.  Holy Shit.  I was so whipped.  So whipped.  After class I told her who she reminded me of, Monica when she’s trying to get Chandler in shape on Friends in the 2nd season(I think).  She hadn’t watched the show, unfortunately, but she laughed nonetheless and told me to have a good day about 5 times.  I think I might like her.  (I just tried in vain to find a clip to post!)

So for the last 45 minutes, I just pedaled and thank God Matt came to join me, because I may not have made it without him distracting me.  When I got off the bike I was so very happy.

You know what I did the next day?  Ran around the park, in the hot sun with legs so tired they were yelling at me.  I must have convinced myself about 10 days that I would only do 5 miles.  That is was the time that mattered and I’d slow it down to get 5 miles in in 60 minutes. Yeah right.  I can’t slow my body down anymore, it runs as fast as it wants to- my mind does not control it anymore.  And I couldn’t even do the 6.3 miles in 60 minutes, I had to slowly run it out at the end to get there, and even then I was 30 seconds shy because I just had to stop at one point, my knees hurt, I was thirsty.  I was done.

I’m proud of myself though. I followed my plan, I stuck to it, and I will be better for it come race day.  Although right now my calves aren’t really enjoying what I did over the weekend.  In fact every time I get up they are really un-enjoying themselves.

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