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Easy Week


This easy week could not have come at a better time.  I am someone who needs at least 9 hours of sleep at night to feel rested and ready to go.  Monday night I got about 5 and I’ve been paying for it all week.  So, to be able to come home on Tuesday and not feel pushed to get to the gym was just what I needed.

On Wednesday I was so happy to only do have to do 15 minute bricks and even happier to find that my NYSC had gotten 2 new bikes.  These are not just any bikes, these are Expresso bikes.  These bikes make indoor cycling like a video game.  Who wouldn’t love that?  You pick your course via difficulty level and length and then get going.  The simulation is great.  I almost, almost felt like I was riding outside.  You shift gears, roll over hills and have people riding with you.  The time flew by (15 minutes doesn’t always fly by!) and I wished I could have stayed on for more.

So yesterday, to make up for my missing biking on Tuesday and as always to avoid swimming, I took Matt to see the Bikes and hoped on one myself.  Granted I waited about 20 minutes for it, but it was worth it!  I chose a black diamond course that was 10 miles and thought, “Perfect, I’ll knock it out in 45 minutes”.  HA.  An hour later I was sweating through the finish.  These bikes are serious!  Seriously awesome!

(Click on the picture to head to the website)


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