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Sweet Smell of Chlorine


I told people all day, “I have to go home and do a run and a swim.”  Then, on my way home I didn’t want to do it anymore.  I didn’t want to work out Monday either, but I had a running date, so I just did it.  Because of that, it felt like I hadn’t worked out in two days, I took Tuesday as my off day, so once you haven’t worked out for a couple of days getting back in to the groove is even harder.  Thus, my overactive brain was telling itself in many different ways how working out wasn’t going to work.

I checked my email, my facebook, my google reader and my twitter when I got home.  I talked to Matt about an anniversary trip we’re planning.  It was getting close to 7:15.  I figured it wasn’t happening.  And then it did.  I went to the gym and I ran, and then I swam.  Not only did I swim, I waited for the lane to clear so I could swim.  I’ll just give myself a nice pat on the back now, because I’m pretty darn proud of that one.  I just did it.

When I got home, I didn’t shower right away like I usually do when I get back from a swim.  I think I’m getting used to the smell of chlorine.  I think I might even be starting to like it.  Uh oh.

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