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I hadn’t been to Yoga in about two weeks, so I was nervous about going to a class I’d never been to before, doing a practice I’d never done before and that was an 90 minutes long.  Turns out, all that training I’ve been doing at an increasingly hard level the past few weeks has benefits outside of me doing a Tri- I’m getting better at Yoga.  I found myself going deeper in to poses, holding poses easily, and that my normally very tight hips were pretty open despite not having stretched them with Yoga recently.  Color me happily surprised.

The class tonight was great, and I am going to plan on keeping up attendance there going forward.  Jordan, the teacher, was funny, easy going and really talked us through the practice.  We did some interesting poses and I loved the focus on igniting our inner fire as a place to put what we don’t want in which in the end will provide us with increased freedom in our lives.  I can get behind that.

I left refreshed, and feeling strong.  Good way to start the weekend!

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