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The Good with the Bad


So, I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I don’t feel as ready as I should for the upcoming Tri.  I felt more than ready last year, I was bricking multiple times a week, I was doing the long rides with ease.  I was ready.  This year, I’m swimming more, running faster and not biking as much and I feel unprepared.  Not like I won’t be able to compete, just like I won’t do it with the ease I did last year.  Not that it was easy, at all, but you know what I mean, right?

Anyway- that is why even though I had a cruddy day and wanted nothing more than to come home and be dead weight on the couch, I dragged my butt to spinning, stayed on for an extra 15 minutes to get an hour in, and dragged my butt and then waited for a treadmill.  Now, it was not just mental fatigue, my body wasn’t feeling it either, so I transitioned to walking for the last minutes of my run.  God it felt good to stop running!

Overall, it wasn’t a great work out.  My heart rate was hanging low the whole spin, I just couldn’t push my body to work any harder.  My legs felt heavy and my breathing off during the run.  I came home sulking and whining.  Then I told myself, I have to have bad workouts, it makes the race better.  I have to remind myself that bad workouts, means I’ve still worked out!  So, I’m putting the good with the bad here and calling it a success.  I did my brick, I can check it off the schedule.  And, I can complain about it too.

* Side note- I noticed a lot of my older posts have typos in them, nothing major just one or two here or there, I find I don’t really care/mind and just don’t feel like proofing these before I hit publish.  I like the idea that they are more a diary entry of sorts than something shaped and fashioned by me.  Hope you don’t mind either!

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