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Vacation Wrap Up- Part 1 The Biking


My apologies for being absent this past week plus, I was on vacation!  While I did have internet access, and I did some checking of the email and some reading of blogs, I didn’t update my own blogs.  Just when I’d been drumming up some readership too!  Hopefully I can make up for it this week.

This vacation was in no way a vacation from my training, in fact, it was work just to fit my training in to all the visitors we had at Squam.  That lake is a magical place, I tell yah- once you visit once, you’ll want to just keep going back year after year.  23 years later and here I am- I still can’t believe I went 6 years without spending time there.

But anyway, off to the wrap up- Part 1- the bike rides.

Our first full day on the lake was Tuesday and we were greeted by Libby and Pete (They’d been up at Squam last year for the wedding and couldn’t resist coming back, I’m telling you this lake is like crack!).  As you can see via the link, Libby is well on her way in to Triathleteness so she of course had her bike with her.  We along with my Mom decided to head out for the beautiful, hilly, challenging but oh so rewarding 5 lakes and 4 towns (I think) ride.  I wish I could adequaeteqly describe the beauty of this ride.  You start at Squam Lake, and head out up College Road in Holderness and immediately start climbing.  But with every climb in this area you are not only greeted by sweeping mountain views, but steep and pleasurable downhills.  After crossing Route 3 you head towards Waukewan, rolling over hills along a well manicured golf course.  You pass Waukewan lake and plug along through more rolling hills until reaching Winona Lake (after a scary, but oh so fun steep downhill and sharp curve under a bridge) and then passing a small slice of Hawkins Pond.  Then the fun begins.  The real hills, the hills that you think are over and then get steeper.  But here you get White Oak Pond as a reward, and the best views around of the mountains surrounding the Lakes Region of NH.  The only saving grace of the bummer end of this ride along the no-shoulder Route 3 is that Squam Lake follows you on your left the whole way, guiding you home.

This ride rocks.  Seriously.  It is a killer workout, and so beautiful you can’t wait to go back for more.  (I got in some super Tri training and did a short transition run post ride, gotta work on those jelly/brick legs!)

Although Mom and I both said, “we’re doing this ride again” we decided to explore a bit and still get a good hill work out in.  We didn’t ride by lakes, but there sure were hills, and some lovely scenery on the way.  This one was a bit shorter, we are guessing 12, but had some back road fun and of course rewards of sweeping views.  The same ones that started the 5 Lake/Pond ride, ended this one.  Just writing about these bikes makes me want to get back up there and do them.  But I know I have the Tri ride to look forward to, I remember how beautiful it was last year, so at least there is that to look forward to while I’m pounding away.

The last bike of the vacation was on Sunday.  Mom and I decided to do a brick, just to wrap up the last hard week of training.  We rode our usual loop around the ponds near our house and the fun and fast extra few miles to make it 10 even.  After getting home we hoped off the bikes and did a quick and easy 2 mile run.  We both felt good finishing, and felt even more ready for the Tri.  Phew!

Part 2 tomorrow (hopefully) Running and Swimming!

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  1. 08/11/2009 8:36 am

    It really is like crack! I can’t get that lake out of my head, especially now that we’re back in the steamy city.

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