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The Week Before


So, the week before an event, you should ideally take it easy.  You don’t want to push your body too hard in prevention of burn out and injury.  Well, I took it easy this week and I’m burnt out and injured myself!  What the…

Injury: The mix of the bike and run and then shoes with little to no arch support on Monday let to a slight injury to the top of my foot- don’t ask me what muscle/ligament/etc I don’t know!  I felt it Monday walking back to the train from work, and then it hurt slightly doing Up Dog in my Yoga class Monday night.  (Which, as a side note I realized is why my arms are so buff- duh!)  Tuesday morning it was really hurting the entire walk to the train and then to my office (These aren’t short walks either, about 7 minutes to get to the train, and about 13 to get to my office from the train).  So before going in to work, I bought an ace bandage.  I self diagnosed and determined that I needed compression.  Rightly so!  After wearing it most of the day I of course started to feel some niggly spots on other parts of my foot- what is it about ace bandages that causes this?

So- I headed out, raised it and iced it and still went on my Tuesday evening run.  It felt fine!  Phew.  I made sure to keep it raised all evening, and even attempted to sleep with my foot on a stack of pillows.  Yeah, not so much, they were in a nice stack next to the bed and I was on my stomach when I stirred a few hours later.   Wednesday morning I wrapped it up to head to work since I’d felt a slight soreness stepping on to it first thing out of bed.  I also strapped on more supportive flip flops- seriously- these have the best arch support around.  And realized that those mixed with the ace bandage was doing bad things to my Achilles tendon.  So the bandage came off, and the foot felt fine.  Problem solved, I hope.  I haven’t felt it at all today.

Burn Out: I guess for the most part I’m being dramatic here.  I’m not burnt out on exercising.  I’m just feeling tired, and like I want to take a day off and get to bed at a reasonable hour and then sleep all weekend.  I’m more burnt out on my schedule than anything.  I don’t feel that I’ll be burnt out during the race, when I strip away the drama, the self doubt, the anxiety and the drama I do feel and know that I’m ready and I’ll do well.  But, as you’ll see by that list, that’s a lot to be able to strip away regularly- so instead I walk around thinking, in my two year old voice, “I don’t wanna go!”

As is evidenced by previous posts, I like to tell myself I am not going to, or do not have to,  do it and then do.  Before my first Tri last May my Mom and I sat around at dinner the night before saying, “What are we thinking getting up so early?  Let’s just not do it.”  And while I felt in that brief moment that I would be so okay with skipping it, I know that I really would have regretted it and that the feeling after is worth the anxiety before.  So maybe I’m just burnt out on anxiety and am ready for the adrenaline.

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