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Vacation Wrap Up Part 2- The Running & Swimming


Squam Lake, oh how I love being in Squam Lake.  The water is so clean, and soothing and just feels right.  I don’t know about what lies beneath because I am not looking, hell no.  But it feels good.  The first excersizing I did upon arriving on Monday was swim.  And it felt good.  The next day, post mega bike?  I swam again.  My arms were tired, but felt great.  I took a few days off, and swam one last time before leaving.  The water was cold and rough, windy weather causing slight whiteheads.  Nevertheless, the swim was a good one and helped prepare me for Tri conditions.  I am so proud of myself for getting 3 swims in, but I look back and wish I’d done one or maybe even two more.  A few days I took off and did Kayaking instead, still upper body, and something I could do with my Husband and my visitors.

The running.  I don’t like running at Squam.  First, you have to start out on a busy road- Route 3.  I don’t like Route 3.  It isn’t shaded and there are a lot of cars and big trucks.  Also- two big hills.  I respect hills, I see them for what they offer, I don’t have to like them though.  Second, there is something about the “usual” run we do that doesn’t suit my body.  I never feel good doing it.  My ankles always tighten up and I have to stop at least once to get them loose again, my legs feel heavy, I can’t get my breathing quite right.  I don’t know what it is, maybe it is mental.  The run is beautiful, the run isn’t too hilly.  But my body doesn’t like it.  Luckily it is only 3.5 miles so it is over quickly.  Phew.

The second day we went running we did a different route.  More hills, but I liked it so much better.  I felt good.  I felt so good heading back that my body did that thing where it just takes off and I’m left behind going, hey, wait, you’re leaving people in the dust back there on a friendly family run.  Oh well.  I was runnin’.  I finished and felt strong, and happy and ready for the tri.  Bonus.  I left my Mom and Husband behind, but they didn’t seem to mind, too much.  Maybe my snarky, “What took you so long.” made them mind a little big more.  Oh well, competitive spirit and all!

The last run was Sunday, which I already mentioned.  It felt good, I felt ready.  Sure I wanted to stop after the 2 miles, and that was with only 10 easy miles of biking and no swimming, but that was just my want- my body could have kept going and pretty soon will.

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