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This Weeks Wrap Up


So I figured since I got most of my whining done already- why not go ahead and wrap up the work outs I did this week.

Monday- Yoga time!  There was a sub for the typical instructor, and her flow was not as slow.  I liked it.  I felt strong and happy to be getting in the good stretching for my tired muscles.

Tuesday- Run time!  Lauren and I did a hot and humid 4 mile run.  I love running in the park, I don’t love hot and humid weather.  Saturday is supposed to be humid.  yuck.

Wednesday- Swim time!  I wish they would change the time of water aerobics.  There is a line wrapping around the pool to get in lap swims between 7 and 8 on week nights.  Matt and I got suckered in to doing the class while we waited.  It was good, but now I don’t feel like I got enough swimming in.

Thursday- Bike/Run time!  I had to take it easy last night, my legs were feeling tired and I really don’t want to be tired during the race.  I did about 30 minutes on the Expresso bike and then hopped right on to a treadmill and jacked up the incline to simulate the race course.  Felt good- I only stayed on for a few minutes, but still I think it was a good simulation and preparation.

Today- day off, phew.  I need it.  I also need a good solid full nights sleep too.  I’m taking the train to NH tonight and then heading right to bed!  You know what I’m looking forward to most tomorrow?  The bike!  Oh, and being done with the race and relaxing on the porch/deck.

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  1. libbith permalink
    08/14/2009 3:53 pm

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  2. sadie permalink
    08/15/2009 2:01 pm

    Good luck. I’m sure you will do great! And good luck to Grace too.

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