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Photos from Granite Man


Last year things were so different post Granite Man.  I went right back to job searching, last minute wedding planning, and you know other life stuff.  This year, I’m thinking about it more, I’m planning for next year, I’m getting right back on the horse for the Pumpkin Man.  What a different experience it is.  I’m giving myself a hard time for some things, don’t need to get in to that level of my crazy here, and really patting myself on the back and being proud about many other things.  I’m crazy, I know.

Anyway- they sent out the link to the pictures today- and to my happiness, you can do screen grabs from the site- so I was able to download the ones I like and share them here with you!  Check them out on the Photo’s & Video’s page.   Aren’t the underwater shots cool?  He got like 6 of me swimming, since I was right near the ropes where he was stationed.  I didn’t realize how far I get under the water.  So cool to see that angle.  Also, random thought, that swimsuit makes my boobs look huge!


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