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Pity Post


Just when I start getting some readership, I take a week off.  Oops.  Well, now I’m back!  This weekend I was bound and determined to get some good training in, although I was somewhat foiled by all this darn humidity, I powered through it on my walk to the gym.  ahem.  I did a good Expresso work out on Saturday, not stopping after the 30 minutes I told myself I was going to do, but shy of 90 minutes by about 40… oh well.  Today, I wanted to go for a run, but as the day got hotter and evening fell I took a nap.  Then, Matt said he wanted to head to the gym, so I figured getting  a swim in would be good.  I am feeling good in the water lately, really strong and confident in my form, stroke and power, although I’m not getting in full swims since I’m stopping a lot to coach Matt as he learns and to clear my f*^%*ing goggles of water and reposition them.  Argh.

Anyway, this is really a pity post because I haven’t been doing much.  But,  I told myself all last week it was okay to take an easy week post Tri and I’ll be back this week with daily updates and harder workouts.  I have 2 running dates this week, which helps, and with Matt needing a lot of pool time I’ll be getting a lot too, thankfully.

Now, it is off to bed, late, oh Sunday nights.

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