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Weekend Workouts


First, I need to thank my Husband for getting me to the gym last weekend.  I didn’t want to work out, I was tired, I needed to rest, I did not “need” to go to the gym.  But my Husband, who I have slowly and gently (not always so gently) molded in to a runner/triathlete, got me there.  And, once he got me there on Sunday, he let me coach him on his swimming, what a good man.  I’m so proud of him, he’s really taking his working out to another level and I’m so happy he’s getting there and that we get to do all these things together now.  My parents exercised together, for the most part, until my Dad died so I grew up with that as an example- and now I can do that with my Husband, it is a great feeling.

Anyway, enough of the sap!

Saturday I did a bike ride and Sunday I swam, mostly because it was too darn hot to run and I’m anti- treadmill running at this point.  I’m feeling really strong in the pool, and now that Matt is getting in to swimming I really see myself keeping the swimming up during the Winter, awesome!

I didn’t do the length I should have, but that was mostly due to feeling lethargic, and at least I got back “on the horse” after my 3 days off in a row!

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