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So, I never really ramped up as much as I should have the last few weeks because I kept telling myself I still had time, and that my endurance from previous training would buy me more than I thought.  Then, Sunday morning I woke up with a horrible, terrible, very bad stomach flu/virus.  Crap.  Now, I’m almost better, I’d say about 60% this morning and creeping up to 75% now.  The key being I seem to be able to keep food in my system, which is huge.  But now I’m afraid I’ve lost a lot of my strength.  I feel weak walking around.  I need to really ramp it up the remainder of the week, but I don’t want to push too hard given I am/was sick.  Blah.  The good news is that I’ve gotten a lot of swimming in, the bad news is I haven’t been to Yoga in weeks, I’ve only been to spinning once in the last month, thankfully I’ve kept up running thanks to my running buddies.  So, all in all this is why you haven’t been hearing from me.  Tomorrow, if I’m feeling better I want to get in the pool.  I know I shouldn’t push too hard, but I fee like in order to be comfortable and happy doing this upcoming Tri, I need to feel ready and that means a little push.

Right now, I’m just going to be happy I got to eat something!

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  1. sadie permalink
    09/01/2009 8:37 pm

    That sucks Adi, being sick is no fun. I would use this time to get in lots of relaxing yoga, and not worry about missing out on some training. If you push it, the sickness will just linger. I’m sure feeling weak now is just the result of being sick, and you haven’t actually lost any strength. Take care of yourself, and I’m sure you will be back to your training in no time.

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