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So, I heeded my body’s signals, and Sade’s advice below and didn’t push myself hard this week, in fact I just got out for a work out tonight!  And I’m so glad I did, and that I hadn’t worked out yet this week- I really wasn’t ready for it.  I couldn’t resist the lovely weather this evening, and cloud dappled sky as the sun set.  I’m so looking forward to 1/2 training this fall!

When I first started out I felt the burn in my throat from my lungs realizing they were being put to work again, it kind of felt good!  My legs definitely felt weaker than usually, and I didn’t let myself get competitive with runners around me, which meant a lot of people were passing me, I let it slide!  As I kept pushing along I realized how good I was feeling, and that all things considered, “What 3 day stomach flu!?”  When I finished and looked down at my clock to see it had only been 28 minutes, I was happy.  9 minute mile without even thinking about it?  I like that!

You know what I love about NY?  That I ran by Summer Stage, took my headphones off and rocked out to Michael Franti for a few minutes of my run.  Oh I love running in NYC.  I am sorely going to miss running in NYC when we leave someday.  However, I’ve been really bumming about not having my bike in NYC as I am longing for those Squam rides lately.  And, when I’m not living in NYC it means I will have much more space and a place to keep a bike, oh and non city streets to ride it on!

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