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What do you do, when you get off track?


Well, ideally you get back on track.  But if you’re me, you just kind of roll with it and figure it out as you go along, which is what I’ve been doing for the last week.  I am proud that we worked out 2 of the 3 days we were in Chicago.  It isn’t always easy to get in good workouts when you’re traveling, especially when you’re traveling for pleasure and have a lot to fit in to few days.

Our hotel, since it was small, gave us free passes to the Equinox down the street.  We headed there the first morning did some biking.  We had intended to go swimming the second morning, but slept in and realized we didn’t really have the right materials to really get a swim in (lock for a locker being one).  The last morning we were there I was determined to get a run in along the lake- and we did.  It was great, running in a new city is really fun- and running along the shore of Lake Michigan was quite interesting.  It feels like you’re on an ocean, just without the salt.

This week I’ve been cramming what I can in to my days and trying not to over exert before the race.  I ran Tuesday evening with a friend, and then the highlight so far, got in a bike ride in the park last night.  We brought back an extra bike (a family friends) after being home at the beginning of August.  Since we would need a bike rack to bring Libby’s bike with us to the Tri in September we figured, why not bring a bike with it!  The intention was for Matt to be able to get more comfortable on this bike with the gear changing, etc so he could be ready to go in September.  He’s been out a couple of times, and I had yet to take it for a spin.  I was nervous!  But I hoped right on at 91st street and pedaled my way in to the Park.  It felt great.  The first few moments of the ride I was in heaven and just thinking, “This is so cool!”.  I did twice around, with that last loop and 1/2 with Libby.  We chatted and road and road and chatted.  Perfect.  I think we may be keeping a bike with us for the fall.  It didn’t take up as much room as we’d feared, and man is it worth it to be able to ride outside.  Fall’s a comin’ and I want to be outside to experience it.

The fail this week, and really last, is no swimming.  The intention tonight is to do a short run and a quick swim.  Friday will be the rest day and then Saturday- we’ll be at it!

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  1. 09/10/2009 6:18 pm

    Oh do keep a bike in the city! It was so nice having a biking motivator and buddy last night.

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