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So uh… yeah


I’ve been avoiding this.  Sorry.  Remember that final tri we were going to do last weekend?  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  What did happen was a  little story I like to call-
The Story of the Little Car that Couldn’t

The little car that couldn’t really liked taking Adrienne and Matt places
The little car that couldn’t often didn’t like taking Adrienne and Matt and Guests or Guest places, so after trying and trying and trying it would break down.
The little car that couldn’t didn’t want to break down in the middle lane during rush hour traffic on the Hutch in the middle of the Bronx, but it just couldn’t any more (something about a clutch master)
The little car that couldn’t hoped it did it early enough that the grand Triathletes could still make it to NH in reasonable time with the LCTC’s brother the Blue Automatic Beast.
The little car that couldn’t enjoyed hearing Libby and Adrienne’s squeals of delight and fright as they sat in it being pulled by a tow truck.
The little car that couldn’t didn’t or couldn’t account for many many delays.
The little car that couldn’t watched Adrienne pace around the garage on the phone with the 4th Grand Triathlete making a decision to cancel the trip while watching Matt steam up the Blue Automatic Beast with his Mother talking about wanting to cancel the trip and Libby stand in the rain and talk to Pete.
The little car that couldn’t took a nice long 3 hour nap in a garage in the Bronx while its masters sat waiting in the most dinerish diner ever being waited on by the best diner waitress ever.
Now the little car that couldn’t sits peacefully in a random friend’s driveway in Forest Hills awaiting Sir Barnard’s return from England for inspection and proclamation of “what we will do to fix the little car that couldn’t and turn him back in to the Red Manual Beast!”
Hooray for the Blue Automatic Beast for getting the Grand Triathletes back to Manhattan where they will spend a Friday evening not being anxious and a Saturday morning not waking up at 5:30 AM- The little car that couldn’t likes to think that’s one of the good outcomes.
The End…. hopefully.

Yeah- so we didn’t do it.  It was a hard decision for me to come to, and it didn’t come easily.  All in all- I think it was good for my type a-ness to realize that sometimes things do get out of your control and the best way to handle it all is roll with it and let it unfold.  No use forcing something, or causing people anxiety and distress to make something work that won’t.  And also, I’m not a loser for not getting to do it, I’m not any less “hardcore.”  I’m still a triathelete even if I miss a race.

With all that said- on to the 1/2!  Now that I’ve gotten this off my chest I can start blogging about training for that.  I foresee lots of posts about the lovely fall weather and how great getting to run it is.  Maybe even posts about biking out in it too since we still have a the bike- actually I took it today, lovely!

I’ll leave you with a pic of us in said diner, we look happy- we’re good fakers 🙂



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