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Where do I go from here?


So what’s my plan now?  My training schedule for the 1/2 has me running 3 days a week with one longer run on the weekends.  It gives you 2 days off, I’ll only take 1 probably.  It has you cross train 2 days a week, I’ll cross train 3 and 1 of those 3 will be Yoga.

I’m going to try and keep swimming in the mix for my cross training, but we all know how much I love the pool- so we’ll see how that goes.

I haven’t done a long run yet.  I wanted to do one on Sunday, but I scrapped it and instead of exercising to help lift my mood, I wallowed and then saw a movie.  It happens.

I did go for a great bike ride on Saturday- biking will definitely be in my cross training.  I was thinking how I haven’t been to spinning in ages, it feels kind of nice- but I also know I need to get back there for the weight loss benefits.  I plan on focusing on spinning, running and swimming this winter.  I want to keep in good shape so that as I add doubles and bricks next season I won’t find it as challenging.

In addition, Matt and I have talked about how we’d really like to get more morning work outs in.  On Friday I ran in the morning, it was lovely.  Sure I was tired earlier that night, but it felt good to have done it early.  I think this is something we’ll really focus on and make a priority.

So there’s my rambling plan- follow along to see how I do!

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