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Run to it


So on Tuesday night, I was kinda hardcore.  I ran from my apartment on East 92nd, along the East River until I couldn’t anymore and then through the crowded East side Streets to Union Square to do a Yoga for runners event at lululemon.

I started out the run with Matt, here is where I’m so not hardcore, because I was scared about running on the East River by myself- as I’d never done it.  I”l admit it, I don’t like to do things for the first time by myself.  I was so freaked out about riding a bike in the park alone and of course after doing it I was like, umm what took me so long?

Anyway- the Park along the East River is lovely!  What a great little sanctuary- seriously.  I met Alison at the Queensboro Bridge and waved goodbye to Matt as he ran back up.  Back to being hardcore- Alison and I had to navigate several blockades and a large number or protesting Hassids to get South.  But we made it, just in the nick of time!  Running on Manhattan streets is not easy, actually I often shake my head at people who do it, but it is kind of fun and you definitely feel hardcore.

The Yoga session was great, I really enjoyed the teacher and I got a fantastic stretch.

The greatest thing about this, I think, was the fact that in order to get someplace, I ran there.  How cool is that?  Where else can you do that but in NY?  Right?  I’m so hardcore.

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