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The Cycle


And no, not that kind of cycle.  You know sometimes when you don’t work out for a small or long stretch, it can be really hard to get back in to a work out routine?  Even though you know that once you just get started again you’ll be rolling.  It is just so hard.  Well, at least for me and most of the my friends I’ve talked to who work out regularly.  And you know how in addition to feeling more lazy, you also can start to feel more tired and just worn down by everyday?  How strange is that?  I guess not that strange when you think of what exercising can do for you, mentally and physically.

Well, I’ve reached that point.  I’m completely exhausted, I haven’t worked out since Saturday and I don’t want to work out because I just feel to worn down.  But I know, and not just in that the little voice is whispering know, I know-know, that if I just got my butt in gear I’d feel immensly better.

I have no more excuses, my body is feeling good, I feel strong, I don’t need to rest anything. I just need to get back out there.

Couple all this with some anxiety about my lack of mileage training for our Nov. 1st 1/2 marathon and you have a girl who is paralyzed right now.  Ugh.

It is dark out, it is cold out, I just want to zone out, I’m too hungry, I’m strong I’ll be okay.

Enough excuses girl!

And just so this is not all woe me- but some go me- I did a 4k in 18:40 on Saturday!  Woohoo!  I’m fast!  I can run hard!  Also, because it wasn’t a NYRR race, when I finished I was like one of the first 20 or so, that felt cool no crowds of people yet.

Let’s see if it works…

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  1. Valentino permalink
    06/16/2015 7:47 pm

    my new tri bike just for fun

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