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1 Month!


Goddammit!  I have not trained, at all, for this upcoming 1/2.  We just got an email alerting us that it is one month away, and that we should start tapering.  I haven’t even started adding!

So- here I will plan out what I need to do over the next 2.5 weeks so that I feel like I can do the right thing and taper.  Maybe putting it out there will help me actually do it.

Saturday 10/3 Run 6 Miles

Sunday 10/4 Bike 10 Miles

Monday 10/5 Run 3 Miles, Yoga

Tuesday 10/6 Spinning

Wednesday 10/7 Swim in AM or Off

Thursday 10/8 Run 6 miles

Friday 10/9 Yoga and Swim

Saturday 10/10 Run 7 miles

Sunday 10/11 Off or Yoga

Monday 10/12 Run 4 Miles, Yoga

Tuesday 10/13 Spinning

Wednesday 10/14 Swim in AM or Off

Thursday 10/15 Run 6 miles

Friday 10/16 Yoga and Swim

Saturday 10/17 Run 9 miles

Sunday 10/18 Off or Yoga

Monday 10/19 Run 5 Miles, Yoga

Tuesday 10/20 Spinning

Wednesday 10/21 Run 7 miles

Thursday 10/22 Off

Friday 10/23 Yoga and Swim

Saturday 10/24 Run 5 miles

Sunday 10/25 Off or Yoga

Monday 10/26 Run 3 Miles, Yoga

Tuesday 10/27 Spinning

Wednesday 10/28 Off

Thursday 10/29 Run 4 miles

Friday 10/30 Yoga and Swim

Saturday 10/31 Off

Sunday 11/1 RACE

Okay- that felt good.  Really good.  The next month I will have no social life, unless my friends are exercising with me.  I’m resolved!

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