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Transitioning Indoors


It has probably been 2 months since I’d been on a spin bike.  I won’t like, the class tonight was hard for me.  Not phsycially, thankfully, but definitely mentally.  Around minute 20, out of 45, I was ready to be done.  I was bored.  The class was pretty empty.  I wonder if more people had been there for me to be distracted by it would have been easier?  I’m not sure.  I’ve been on the expresso bike, sure, but they really do a fantastic job making you feel like you’re outside, and even if you don’t feel like you are- you have to be focused on the screen to make the most of it.  The time flies.  I need the time to fly.  I don’t work out because I love the actual physical activity usually.  I workout because I love how it makes me feel, mentally and phsycially.  I workout for a lot more reasons than the actual physical process of it.  I don’t love that.  Sometimes I do, but that’s usually when I’m outdoors doing it.

I’m glad I got back on the spin bike, I’m glad I’m back in the glass. I need to be.  I have to keep up my spinning this winter, because I will not be biking outdoors and I keep hearing everywhere I turn how important biking is for runners.  Running is great for the front muscles, but does nothing for the back ones.  Biking, it builds them, strengthens them, makes you a better runner.

Next to check off my To-Do list- get back to a regular Yoga routine.  Pure- here I come!

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