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2 in 1


I really should have written over the weekend- but alas I did not- so you get two posts in one!  woohoo!


Dude, we were so hardcore Friday night!  I had planned all week to run a long one on Friday- rain or shine, not that the sun would still be out.  So as I made my way home Friday eve, I hoped and prayed that Matt would join me, and he did!  Thank God, because the park was DEAD.  Seriously- we passed maybe 15 other people on our run.  Anyway- to the good stuff, the run stuff.  We did the 5 mile loop, I refuse to do the Harlem hills at night, way too quiet up there and way too many dark and scary places.  So, the plan was to just add on at the end of the loop by running back up to the 102nd street transverse.  I figured it was at most 1 mile and I’d get in 6 miles and feel good.  The whole run felt good.  I was happy to be stretching my legs out, I had loads of emotional angst to work out and my beloved was right by my side.  Perfect.  As we neared the end of the run I turned to Matt and said, “Wanna sprint it out here?” And he did, and off we went.  Let me tell you something I learned in that moment.  You get to a point on long runs where your stride has shrunk greatly, and sprinting actually is a great thing to do for your knees, open your legs back up, pick those knees back up, it feels GREAT.

Once we reached the end I knew we’d gone further than 6, probably more like 7, awesome.  Funny story- because we’d run longer than planned, we were going to be late for opening night of Where the Wild Things Are- so instead of showering- we just headed to the movie with clean clothes instead of clean bodies, and instead of a nutrional dinner, we ate popcorn.  Oh well.  You win some…

Later that night I mapped our run- 7.4 (I think) woohoo!

Let me tell you another thing, that I already knew but is just reinforced every time Matt and I run together, running with your S.O. is awesome.  Being able to share in that time together is a wonderful feeling.  I am so proud of Matt that he’s gotten to a place psychically where we can run together.  It is such a great feeling to finish a run together.  Also- when you’re making major huge life decisions running and talking is often a really great way to think it out.

So Saturday- you didn’t think I’d take a day off did you?  I hoped on an Expresso bike and pounded away- and my knees survived.  Hurray!

Sunday- yeah that was my day off.

Now on to the second part of this post.  This week!

Monday- oh sweet Yoga how I needed you.

Tuesday- I was supposed to run with a friend and she was going to bring along 2 other friends, more running buddies- yay!  But she had to sit this week out so lucky me I was able to trot on home and take my husband out with me.  Again, so fantastic to be able to do this together.   Also- I almost didn’t want to go because I was in one hell of a foul mood, but having someone expecting it to happen and ahving that someone be your husband who knows how to get you to do things when you dont’ think you want to?  Perfect.  We headed out in to the lovely non-fall night (Hello, Spring?) and ran away.  We got in a good 4 mile run together and then I decided I wanted to add some on.  I headed North past Engineers Gate with a group of guys chatting about their marathon pace behind me.  “They’re running at their marathon pace, eh?” I thought to myself.  “Well then, I’m just going to stay ahead of them!” And I did.  Then, as I was turning around, a big pack of runners was just starting out.  So I decided, well, I don’t want to deal with all of them passing me, so I’ll just stay ahead of them too!  Readers, I was booking it to keep ahead!  It was awesome.  I could hear them breathing just behind me and it pushed me harder.  I love that feeling.  It is why I put up with the overwhelming anxiety I get just before a race.

Anyway, as you probably guessed- I finished strong and my knees didn’t even hurt that bad!  Victory.  I’m feeling good, I’m still feeling excited and I get to push myself hard on Sunday at the Poland Spring Marathon Kick off 5 Mile race.  woohoo!

Tonight- spinning, and then 8 or 9 miles on Friday night.  Sweet.

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