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NYRR: Marathon Kick Off Race


Alison clued me in to this fun and festive race NYRR does every year, the week before the Marathon and I excitedly signed up.  I figured it would be a great way to begin my tapering week and a fun run to boot.  Last night and this morning after waking up way earlier than I would have chosen I was feeling nervous.  I was starting to not want to do it anymore, I was anxious about it, I was putting pressure on myself.  Then I realized what was happening, in my head I was focusing on running at an 8 minute mile pace and that was the cause of my stress.  So I decided this morning to stop stressing myself out and just go run it at whatever pace Alison was running it, so we could do it together.

I felt so much better.

It was fun to be surrounded by all the Marathon set up, you can feel the excitement in the are as the Marathon approaches, New Yorkers really get behind this fun, festive and historic race that is for “anyone”.

We started out fairly slowly, there were a lot of people and it seemed like no one was really pushing hard as they typically are.  I started out chatting about some recent stresses in my life and when I was finished with my story, or vent, or whatever you want to call it, we were approaching mile 3.  Alison was starting to slow down a little bit and I was starting to really get in to my groove.  She encouraged me to go ahead, but I didn’t want to- I set out to run this with her and there was no one to prove anything to, so why not stay together?  I’ve fallen in to this role of being the running buddy that is encouraging those I run with to keep pushing and keep at a pace they may not be as comfortable with, I do it in pretty sneaky ways so that it isn’t an uncomfortable thing, and I’m not coming off as “pushy”.  So, I knew that Alison needed something to keep her going, besides the end being near, so I thought of something else to chat with her about and got started.  It was great- we finished just as my story did and came in under 9 minute miles- awesome.

It was a fun, and easy race and I’m feeling strong for next week.


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  1. Alison permalink
    10/26/2009 11:28 pm

    Thanks for being the encouraging and dedicated running buddy! I needed you and your stories to keep me going. You rock!

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