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Oh, hey- so I ran a 1/2 on Sunday and totally forgot to post about it- oops!  It was great!  Although, I’m feeling really worn out, beaten down, blue, just blah today and I’m wondering if it is related… anyway- on to the fun stuff!

So as I posted about, I was excited for this race, I wasn’t nervous for this race, and that really continued.  Normally when I race, well for the past year, I don’t get very anxious and the only negative result is that my stomach completely flips out with anxiety from expectation of it happening while I’m waiting for the races to begin.  As soon as that whistle blows/gun goes off/horn is sounded I’m in my groove and feeling great.  With this race, it was different, which is great.  I had so few expectations of results on top of a desire to run my stress away that I remained calm, cool and collected.  This is a good recipe for racing.

The day was a beautiful one, although I could have done with more cloud cover, I’m not going to complain too much about the weather.  I’m sure the weather had a little something to do with all the supporters who were cheering along the way- all you readers who go out and cheer people on when they’re racing- Thank You- it really does help!

The course was hilly, but I found I really liked it.  The hills push me, they change up your pace and stride and do help break up the course a bit.  I found the part of the course I struggled with most was the straight flat part we ran that wasn’t lined with people cheering (the road was too busy/doesn’t have houses on it).  There was one piece of the course that took us through a short (1/4 mile?) park trail very reminiscent of my cross country days and not so suprising for this city runner, it slowed me down.  I am so used to my pavement!  However, as soon as I came out of the woods I was in a transition zone (there was a marathon being run in conjunction and some relay teams running it) and there were masses of people cheering.  I was so encouraged and pumped up that I ran too hard coming out of the park and up another hill!  Oh well.

It was at about this point and into mile 8 that I realized how fast it was all going by.  I couldn’t believe it when I hit mile 10 and there was less than a 5k left.  “I can so do this in under 2:00 hours, ” I thought as I looked at the clock.  At about mile 11.5 and in to 12 I started to get the mind warp.  The, “Oh man, I don’t know, can I really do this?”  and the, “Hmm, I’m starting to really feel this in my legs, maybe I should slow down, what if I can’t really make 2:00?”  So I took a deeper breath and told my self to shut up and run and that of course I could do it.  And I did.

At mile 12.1ish I decided to leave it all on the course, that’s how you should race, right?  I was cognizant of not giving it all away too soon, however I knew there were no more hills (the amount of people talking about this was kind of humorous), that the mile would go by a lot more quickly than I thought, and lastly that if I didn’t really push and get a great time I’d beat myself up.  So I pushed, hard.  I passed 2 women that I had hung behind for the last 4 or so mile, and after when I heard one breathing hard behind me I pushed even harder and shook her off.  Sorry!  (not really).  I had seen at mile 12 that I was at 1:44 and I figured I’d easily be able to finish at 1:55 but really wanted to do it at 1:53- 9 minutes for 1.1 miles after 12 down.

As I neared the finish the clock came in to view, and of course I don’t accurately remember the time now- but it was about 30-20 seconds away from 1:53 so I put on the after burners and sprinted towards the finish.  I crossed just as the clock struck 1:53 and right behind a woman who had used my sprinting to push her along harder, I was happy to let her “beat me” because I’d just beat my expectations… to a pulp!

Boy it felt good.  I couldn’t believe how fast I’d done it.  I really can’t believe how different of a runner I am this year, and I truly do believe I have yoga to thank for a lot of that.  Open up those hips and watch yourself fly!

So what’s next?  Well- I am so lucky to have NYRR to keep me running through the winter and I will happily keep blogging about my work outs- good, bad, ugly and braggy.  Some fun upcoming races:

Damon Runyon Cancer Research 5k– in Yankee Stadium!  The link takes you to my fundraising page, I’m happily fundraising for this race, although I typically don’t for my races, because cancer research is an important place to donate funds.

Race to Deliver

Joe Kleinerman 10k- not signed up yet, but will most likely do this race- it can be a chilly one!

Emerald Nuts Midnight Run – If we’re in the city I would totally do this race- sounds so fun!

And back to the topic at hand- I need to find a good winter training schedule to keep me Tri Ready- and on track- however I’m going to give myself a couple weeks “off” a schedule- I need it!

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