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Running in NH


Instead of eating too much over Thanksgiving, I let my anxiety fuel my running, and I’m so happy I did.  Although my knees aren’t that happy with me today.  I ran 18 miles over the Thanksgiving weekend (starting with Wednesday, ending with Sunday).


I went out for a quick 3.1 miles with Mom in the morning before our cooking and prepping marathon.  When we got back, I didn’t feel sated.  I came back inside, tried to get Matt to join, and ended up going back out for 2 more.  I hadn’t had my Ipod for the last few weeks (left it in NH, doh!) so I plugged that baby in and took off.  I flew up and over the hills of my hometown bopping and singing (or trying to sing, I wasn’t running at a conversational pace) and it felt great.


I learned last year how great it feels to get a really good work out in before a big meal.  We did the same 3.1 again, but this time I knew better than to think I could go back in and be happy, so I kept going and at the first point when I could turn back, I kept going uphill.  Then, as I reached the bottom of the hill loop I took a left instead of going straight and added a few more hundred feet to the loop I was making.  Nice.  I think I could have kept going, it just felt right to be out in the fall air, letting my legs take me away from my overthinking, my lungs were strong, my body was following.  I knew I had to get back though, so I looped back when I should have and still had time to mash the potatoes, shower and change before the guests arrived.  Phew.


It was pouring so I didn’t run.


We had to leave early to hit the road to relatives houses, but my Mom finally had time to do a longer run, how could I say no?  We hit the trail that loops in to the woods, in to a neighboring town and then back through a swamp.  It is a fun one, and always delivers.  The landscape has changed drastically post tornado last year, and it always amazes me how much my brain reacts to the differences I haven’t quite come to terms with yet.  This time I noticed a piece of someone’s house/roof/garage that is stuck in the swamp.  Wow.  I’m glad I took the extra time to do the extra miles, sitting in a car for hours on a lovely Saturday is much easier having gotten some of the day in early with a run.


I was thinking it was about time to take a day off from running and hit the bikes, but I had a date with Alison and I wasn’t about to cancel.  We caught up around the 4 mile loop in the park on a very warm Sunday.  The biggest let down?  They’ve turned the fountains off in the Park.  Haven’ t they heard of Global Warming?  Nothing is freezing for another month!

And what’s on tap for this week?  I have to get my butt to spinning tomorrow and then get on my training shoes for our 10k on Sunday!

I am runnin’!

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  1. sadie permalink
    12/01/2009 5:13 pm

    Great job Adi. I sure miss those trails around home. I begin my marathon training next week, and hope I can stick with it this time around. Good luck in your upcoming race.

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