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Sweating Week 1


So, how have I been sweating this past week?

Monday I orginally signed up for the new Monday evening power yoga with Jordan at Pure Yoga, but when I started to feel the fatigue of going back to work after a long weekend I didn’t opt out, like I may have prior to this challenge, I just headed to slow flow instead.  There were a lot of beginners in the class so Kay-Kay took it pretty easy on us.  I did sweat, but not as much as I was hoping.  Either way, good way to start the week!

Tuesday- I’ll admit it, I didn’t do anything more than a faster than usual power walk to the train and home from the train, but you know what- I did sweat!

Wednesday- It was really temperate and I’d been dying to get in some outdoor running, so Matt and I headed out for a fast 5k after work, lovely!  Desipite the cold our speed definitely made us sweat!

Thursday- I was all ready to leave early and get to 6:30 spinning, but work kept me later than I’d hoped.  Instead of bailing, I just headed straight to the gym (How much easier is it to work out if you just head straight there rather than home first, SO MUCH EASIER) and hoped on the Expresso for a good ride.  Oh boy did I sweat, but not long enough so I jumped on an runner/elliptical machine to finish off an hour.  Good sweat night.

Friday- This is when I knew I was really getting in to this challenge- I fit in a work out, where really one did not fit between work and dinner with my family.  Although it was only 25 minutes, I got it in and I made sure I sweat- nice!

Saturday- Mom and I headed out early this morning for a run in the park.  She wasn’t feeling well so we kept it easy, but it was still a lovely morning for a run and it felt good to get out there and sweat!

Tomorrow- I’m thinking I’ll head out for another run, why not get them in during day light hours when I can?

I’m feeling great about this challenge and fitting in time during the week ahead.  Here’s to getting to some spin classes!

How are you sweating???

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