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Super Weekend


I got hit with the stomach bug over the week so my sweat once a day challenge took a slight hit.  I think I made up for it this weekend.

Saturday morning I took to the park for a 3.3 run along one of my favorite routes, south on the East Side drive and then up the Mall before I turn around and head back North along the same route.  I love running up the mall, not only for the looks tourists give you but for the majestic trees you get to pass beneath.  As I ran I thought about how much I’m going to miss the park and having it as my running ground.  When you run on a Saturday morning it is pretty much just you and all the other runners, walkers and bikers (although they’re moving too fast to be really be part of the community).  You don’t even have to make eye contact, or throw smiles each others way to know you’re all thinking about the community you are a part of, maybe subconsciously but it is still there and for me it is very present every time I take to the Park.  But this is a topic for another post.

Later that day, I walked through the Park now full of tourists and people casually strolling to and from destinations to get to the West side and head to my first session at Soul Cycle on at 72nd.  It was great.  My friend Lauren and I had signed up for the 5:00 basic class with Christine.  As soon as the class started I knew I was in for a different experience than my spin classes at NYSC.  This was serious.  The time flew by, Lauren and I both think it was shorter than 45 minutes, because we were working so hard with great music and a motivating instructor.  She had us up and down, pumping fast and we did a short arm workout with 1 lb weights.  Overall a great experience, I left with tired legs but feeling rejuvenated.

I was ready to walk home through the park, but as I started down Central Park West, I thought about the planned 6 mile run the next day and took in to account the now dark and empty park and hoped in a cab.

Today, even with the threat of rain, Alison and I took to the Park.  She wanted to avoid the Harlem Hills and I happily agreed to 5 miles.  It was a quick and fun run and although my legs were tired I felt good.  Super weekend indeed.

I’m feeling great about all the work outs I got in, now if I can just incorporate swimming back in to my schedule I’ll be on my way to tri training again.  However, the focus starting in February will be on distance running as I’m doing the MORE women’s 1/2 in April!

Here’s to a sweat week!

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