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Sweating it out


Well, the January Sweat once a day challenge has ended- and I have to say I’m pretty proud of not only my recent performance, I rocked it last week!, but my performance throughout the month.

So how did my last week look?  Yoga, Spin, Run, Walk, Elliptical, Spin, Elliptical.  Only one run, yuck, but it was quite frigid out these past few days, so I guess the fact that I even left the house to go to the gym is a triumph, right?  Yes!

All in all, I was really happy to have participated in this challenge- knowing that I had to do something to make myself sweat everyday helped me realize all the different ways I’m already getting in activity and that feels good.  As is evidence by having a blog about exercising and being active, I am an active person, duh!

I felt pretty hardcore this last week of January with all my work outs.  The spin class on Saturday was epic.  Wow.  I’m going back for more, definitely.

The one thing I think this month was lacking for me was Yoga, I started out the year right with a few classes, but I haven’t been committing myself like I’d like to be.

So- even though I don’t know what the challenge for February is yet (check out for more info about the monthly challenges) I’m going to set one of my own- I’m going to challenge myself at Yoga (aka go to the “hard” classes) and get my butt there twice a week.  To start, instead of going to slow flow tonight which lately I haven’t been feeling fulfilled by (the teacher has been taking it easier than usual for the newbies in the class, which I totally respect) I’m heading to the new Monday night Power Yoga class.

To top it all off, February will be my last month living in NYC and being able to take advantage of Pure Yoga so I’m going to soak it in and really get the most of my membership.

What are you going to challenge yourself to do this month activity wise?


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