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A Story


I re-upped my NYRR membership for the year in December telling myself that by doing so I would ensure running just as many of the races they host as I did last year even after moving out of Manhattan.  I love running NYRR races for many reasons, and having races peppered in throughout my training has been great for keeping me focused and motivated.  I hesitated on signing up for the February 7th Gridiron run because we had hoped to close on our house that prior week and I know I wouldn’t want to be worried about getting a race in if we were focused on moving and setting up a house.  When the time came that our closing was not set for that date, I was too distracted with my frustration and anxiety at changing the preconceived plans in my head to think about signing up.  Late in the week prior friend and fellow newbie Triathlete Libby asked me if I was doing the run.  The convo when something like this:

Libby: Are you doing the Gridiron run?

Me: I’m not signed up, I totally want to do it!

L: You should do it, I am!

M: Damn, they’re sold out.  I wonder if I can beg my way in!?

L: Just run it anyway, who cares?

M: I want my time tracked.

L: Do it with a watch.

M: I want the chip.

L: I signed P (boyfriend’s name) up and he can’t run, take his place.

M: But I want my own chip.   Maybe I’ll go and pretend I thought I had signed up and see if they’ll let me in?

L: haha, well pick up Pete’s too just in case.

M: Okay!

L: (this came a few days later) and mine too because I forgot to get it.

Flash forward to Saturday:

Me: I don’t have a bib?  I thought I registered?  Weird…

Lady at Table: No, there’s nothing here, you’ll have to talk to the woman at the registration desk.

Me: They don’t have my number, but I thought I registered.

Lady at Registration Table: Hmm, let’s look you up.  Nope you’re not in here. When did you register?

M: I’m not sure, around the same time I renewed my membership (sneaky, trying to draw a parallel…)

LRT: Hmm, I see you registered for More (1/2) and Haiti (4 mile run, all money goes to Haiti)

M: Really?  Oh man.  Is there anything we can do?  (Cocks head to side, smiles, looks wholesome and deserving of favors)

LRT: (Looks at me with, I’ve seen this before eyes)  Okay, only because you’re registered for Haiti.

M: Oh, thank you so much!

And now here we are 7:45am on Sunday morning

Text to Libby: It is 17 degrees out!

Text back: Really?  Damnnn.

Call ensues wherein we discuss merits of canceling and determine waiting in the cold for 1/2 an hour (17 but felt like 2) was not worth running the race.

I’m always okay with canceling NYRR races, because they get to use my money for their great programming!  This one, I felt a little bit worse about.  But, oh well.

Moral of the story?  I ran 6.2 later that afternoon and felt great.  Well actually, I felt like crap at the beginning making me have to stop a bunch and feel guilty and run further, so in the end I did feel good.  So real moral?  Ask for what you want, you just might get it if you do good (I got in cause I’d registered for Haiti!)

Lastly- Haiti is on Saturday- and it is a race I won’t be bailing on.

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