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Pushing Through


I did my first long run on Sunday.  I wasn’t really feeling a long run, but I didn’t get too wrapped up in my head about it and wouldn’t you know I found myself out there running.  Within the first 2 miles my ankles stiffened up and I had to stop and walk and let them loosen, but I pressed on.  At the end of the second mile I started to feel some shooting pain in my ankle.  At a point when I could have made it a 3 mile run instead of a 7 mile one I didn’t turn, even though I was feeling pain I was also feeling like I just needed to press on and strengthen, so I did.  I am not someone who is good at teaching people to stop and listen to their bodies, I pretty much always just push through pain and discomfort.

It is probably partially dumb luck, but I also think that for me pushing through pain is what helps me strengthen.  I’m not stupid, if I pull something badly or if I ever broke or tore something I wouldn’t run, well I would hope I wouldn’t, but the kinds of aches and pains that I’ve felt in my running career have all been solved with ice, cross training and continued work at strengthening through more running and in this past year, Yoga.

Back to my run.  I found that as I climbed the hills on the West Side, my ankle felt okay, it was on the downhills that it hurt the most.  Funny, because I love downhills.  This run made me appreciate what climbing can do for you.  As I got to the bottom of the Park, my ankle pain had subsided, but I started to feel a slight pull in my hamstring.  Hamstring pain is definitely something all runners struggle with.  Cross training is a hamstrings best friend.  Seriously.  Lately I’ve been focusing my elliptical work (read, when I feel lazy) on my glutes since they are also a runners weakness, so I need to remember to do some hamstring work these next few weeks to make sure I am strengthening them for the long runs ahead of me.

As I made my way up the East side, I finally started to hit my groove and feel good.  I still felt pinches of pain, but I also felt strong and excited about the run.  At the beginning of the run when I was in the most pain I had decided that if necessary, I would scrap the planned 7 and just do 6.4ish.  Of course, when I got to the end of th circle, I pushed on and did what I’d set out to do.  Sweet!

As soon as I stopped, I felt sore, and good.  I stretched out, and then spent some qt with the ice packs.  Today, I felt great, not too sore and really excited that I got in a long run so early in my training for the 1/2.

Tonight, even though I was in a bad mood, I dragged myself to Yoga- and I’m so glad I did.  My hips definitely needed it!

What was your workout accomplishment this weekend?

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