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Saying Goodbye


I did my last run in the Park from the apartment yesterday. It was sad, and weird and great.

I had arranged to meet up with a running buddy at the apartment, but she had to cancel last minute.  I was ready with my excuses so I didn’ t have to go it alone, but I knew I had to run if not for my training but for myself.  I started out knowing I’d do the Harlem hills to get in the hill work. Once I hit the Park’s pavement, I knew I had to do the full 6.2 loop. I had to go big and then I’d go home. To our home, our new home.

I didn’t know how I would feel having really slacked off these last three weeks. I ran 5 with Mom on Sunday, and I had 7 already under my belt, but still. Overall, I felt good, a little slow, but good for the first few miles.  A cramp hit me at about mile 2 so I started some deep breathing exercises.  My knees ached a little, and my ankles started to whine at about 3.5. I picked up speed around the bottom of the Park as I finally kicked the cramp.
I didn’t have music so it was just me and the Park, I realized as I ran alone and naked (sans music) that it felt more right to do this last run free of those distractions and let myself really process the day and moment.  I thought about regretting not spending more time here in my early months living in the city, and then I reminded myself that it is worthless to have regrets, especially as I’m saying goodbye.

What got me the most was the Cherry Blossoms and Magnolia Trees.  I loved running underneath and beside them last Spring, I want to this Spring.  I honestly think the hardest part of this move has been saying goodbye to the Park as my exercise grounds.  I have contemplated numerous times this week how I can make driving in to the City this weekend so I can run the 8 I need to in the Park work.  Then I tell myself to suck it up and find new places to run.

I signed up for the JP Morgan Chase Run as One for next Sunday- I can run amongst the Magnolias and Cherry Trees then.

As I finished my run, I walked up to the resevoir to stretch and take in the beautiful twilight as it rose in the West.  I love this place, I’ve loved running in this place, I’ve come a long way since 2007.  I’ve grown up, I’ve become stronger and faster.

Thank You.

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