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Miles through Millons


I was pretty nervous about running this 8 miles not in the Park.  To combat that anxiety I spent the end of the week and Saturday clocking various routes around the house that afforded me the least amount of time on roads that weren’t too busy.  I finally settled on the route below.  Matt and I drove the roads on Saturday early evening and I was confident it would be a good route.  I was right.

I set off at 10:15 ready to get my 8 in.  The roads were pretty empty and I got to do the wave and ,”Good Morning” to 4 fellow runners and one walker who responded with a very regal, “Good Morning.”  Fitting considering where I was running.  Go street view it, seriously.  The house I ran by were mansions, full on mansions.  With more land than the farms around my Mom’s house and automatic gates and statues of lions and The David reproductions.  Needless to say I was somewhat distracted, maybe that’s why the run didn’t feel like 8 miles.  Gotta love that!  I had fun wandering around the various roads around the house and loved taking in the Spring day unfolding in the hour and 5 minutes I was out.  I have severe magnolia tree envy now.  There’s a house for sale on Drexel Ave with one in the yard, someone is going to buy that house just for the tree.  Fun fact, my Parents bought their house because of the Lilac bush.  Worth it, I’d say.

I had to jump right in to errands after I got home and my legs are a little upset with me now.  Overall, I feel great and I’m very proud of the strong run I got in.  Here’s to 9 next week!

Bacon Road 8
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