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3 in the morning


This morning I got up 15 minutes earlier to get a run in. We had been setting our alarm later to train our bodies for this, and then when we had the dogs for a week we set them back a little bit further to accommodate feeding them in the morning. It means I’m on an earlier schedule, and I kind of like it. When I woke up to my alarm I didn’t want to get out of bed, but telling myself I would only sleep for another 15 minutes didn’t really give me a good reason to not get up. So I did, and I got out the door and in to the beautiful day that was beginning.
Unfortunately, my body felt awful. My ankles hurt, my legs hurt, my stomach hurt, I was slow. I would pick up speed and then have to slow back down because I just wasn’t feeling it. Still, I got through the 3.2ish run at an overall 8.44 pace.
I feel like more of an adult working out in the early morning hours. I grew up seeing my parents do it and I like that I’m carrying on that tradition.
Now- I need to figure out if it is time for new shoes, and how to fit more Yoga in to my life.

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