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Jumping In


Last year, and the year prior, as I began my Tri training- I dreaded getting back in to the pool.  I didn’t want to add swimming in to my cross training routine.  At the end of training last year, swimming and I had connected on a new level and I was ready to have it in my life for good.  I didn’t hold up on that and again it fell out of my routine.  This year, however, I just jumped right in without over-thinking it.  It is amazing what can you accomplish by just turning the off switch on obsessive thoughts.

Our NYSC in Manhattan had a pool, but it was small and usually really busy.  The NYSC near us here has one too.  It is big and not too busy!  I’d been checking it out the past couple of weeks to see how utilized it was and happily saw that most lanes had just one person in them.

Today, I packed for a run and swim at the gym.  I start officially training on Monday and will already be a couple of weeks behind so I wanted to be ready.  A crazy day at work meant I needed to cut one out, and I choose the run.  After the day I had, I need the weightless and mindlessness of the pool.  It worked.

After winning the battle with my goggles (I need to look in to trying children sizes a fellow triathlete posted recently that she found her daughters goggles fit her better!) I got in to a groove.  My arms burned for a couple of laps and then my body found it’s rhythm and I just glided through the laps.  I was pleasantly surprised that a 1/2 hour passed so quickly and even got a couple of sprints in (although they were hard, but good hard).  I felt relieved, rejuvinated and just so happy that I was falling in love with swimming again (we had a brief affair in college).

I was so de-stressed I didn’t even care when an old man fresh from the pool walked in to the women’s locker room by accident and saw me in my barely there towel.

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