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Don’t try this at home


I don’t stop when I feel pain, unless it is pain that stops me.  I push through, I push on, and that method has worked for me thus far.  It stems from early in my running career when I was first dealing with over pronation.  I had to just push on to complete runs because my ankles were hurting so much.  It also comes from my type-A results oriented personality.  I want to get it done, I will get it done.

In my last run, Wednesday morning my knees and ankles didn’t feel good so before heading out to run 9 miles this morning I checked and saw that it was time to lace up my new shoes.  They felt a little different than my last pair, although they are the same model (Nike Zoom Structure Triax- the best thing for my pronating feet).  I debated returning them and using my old pair, but talked myself out of it knowing I’d break them in to feel that same and that they were probably just the 12 model not the 11.  I prepared myself to feel a few aches and pains breaking in new shoes, but knew it had to happen before the 1/2.

At about mile 4.5 I felt a pain behind my knee, one I’d actually felt after my run last Sunday and had been able to stretch out.  I pushed on, because that’s how I do.  The pain moved around in that general area so I knew it wasn’t something acute and more likely muscular.  I stopped and stretched a little thinking it would help it like last week.  Okay, I have to be honest here.  I felt the pain much closer to the beginning of my run, but it was right after I’d climbed a hill and it felt better going back down the hill so I had kind of forgotten (aka ignored) about it.

When I reach mile 7 I couldn’t ignore it anymore, but it wasn’t stopping me so I pushed on.  The rest of my body was feeling great, my stamina was awesome and I was really feeling prepared to run 13.1.  I was picking up speed and already feeling great about what I would accomplish.

Once I crossed back over in to Westbury and knew I had about 1 mile left, I stopped again to stretch.  As I stepped in to run again my leg wouldn’t let me.  I had felt, about 1,000 feet back a slight buckling in my leg and now it was stopping me cold.  I swore and pulled my phone out to see how far I had left.  I was both happy and pissed that I had done 8 already.  Just 1 mile to go before getting to 9 and I had to stop.  I walked for a few minutes and then started to run again.  As my Dad always said, NGH.  Not Gonna Happen.  I called Matt to have him come pick me up.  He didn’t answer.  So I kept walking.  I tried running again 2 more times and the second time I could get a few more steps in, but again had to stop.  I was really pissed at myself.  I should have stopped 1/2 mile ago, maybe 1 mile ago but I hadn’t and now I’d really hurt myself.  Damnit.

When I got home we had to head right out for the Met’s game so I just strapped an ice pack on my leg and iced it in the car.  I felt fine walking around once we got to the ball park, and I mentioned the pain to Matt’s Brother who is in Med school and he confirmed it was just a muscle pull most likely.  Phew.  When we left the park it ached as I walked, so I iced it more when we got home and now it is feeling okay.

I had to cancel plans to run the Run as One in Central Park tomorrow and I’m really bummed I’ll have to miss the race, the company and the cherry blossoms.  If I didn’t have the 1/2 coming up, I probably would have run it anyway.  Well, if I didn’t have Matt telling me I needed to cancel to let my pull heal I may have run it anyway.  I need to learn my lesson this time.  If the pain is making me second guess what I’m doing, I need to stop.  I need to listen to my body as it yells at me to stop.

Here’ s to ice and low impact the next few days, and a healthy leg in 2 weeks!

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