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Quick Update


I worked out for the first time today in 5 days. It felt good to move, and there was minimal soreness on my injury, which thanks to the help of David, my Mom’s BF I think we’ve diagnosed as a ligament tear- the one coming down from my Hamstring and in to my Tibia. Lots of ice and lots of rest does the trick, but it takes longer than a muscle pull. So the real update here, is that I won’t be running the 1/2 on Sunday. I’m okay with this. I know that many or even one of the following things would happen if I ran:
1. I’d feel pain early on and get fed up and upset not being able to finish
2. I’d finish but through pushing myself too hard and injure myself more
3. I’d have to stop and run slowly a lot and that would drive anyone nuts for 13.2 miles.
What have I learned? I don’t think doing a 1/2 at the beginning of the season is the best idea for me. I clearly did not train properly and was feeling the pressure to get to a place of preparedness and caused this injury.
So, what’s next?
I keep working up slowly to longer distances again and focus on biking and pool for the next few weeks.
The Tri in July is going to come up quickly and I’m already a week or two behind the full schedule of training. Here’s to many more successful work outs this weekend and getting back in to the swing of things in a healthy and smart way.
I have hopefully learned my lesson…

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