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10 Weeks


I have 10 weeks left until the first Tri of the season.  Time to get in gear.  Last night, as I lay in bed post the first day of getting serious about dog training, yes we got a dog.  I realized, oh s*&t my work out schedule is now going to be greatly affected by having another being to care for.  We can’t as easily just head to the gym after work, or in the mornings.  I started to panic.  I was already not feeling ready or with enough time to get ready and now this?

I breathed through it, and figured Matt and I would talk and make it work, we’d have to sacrifice working out together as frequently but we’d make it work.

Today I took to my excel spreadsheet and laid out a plan of action.  What work outs can I easily get in before work without sacrificing too much sleep?  What workouts can I definitely fit in at lunch?  Which ones have to be in the evening?  This is going to work.  A few things that I’ll have to sacrifice will be a social life, and probably, no definitely some sleep.

In the end though, I’ll be ready, I’ll feel good.  Let’s go!

PS: Feeling okay about not running the 1/2, my injury is still healing so it was DEFINITELY the right decision!

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